msquared is part of the Jäger group of companies. ( The Jäger group offers the industry problem solving solutions, corrective actions and specialized components for the optimization of paper and tissue machines. msquared services include all Measurement, Inspection and Consultation Services for drying systems to the paper industry on a worldwide basis.

msquared GmbH offers these services using innovative and unique measuring techniques to the highest possible quality standards. Another unique feature of m² is our ability to work as an unbiased, independent and highly qualified consulting firm, not affiliated with any OEM, supplier or service company. „Our allegiance is to the integrity of the data!”

The services offered can be separated into three aspects of condition monitoring:

Condition Assessment Production (CAP): To optimize the runability of the Yankee in the overall tissue machine system. Diagnostic tools are „On-the-Run Topography-TNG” and „IRSense – Infrared Temperature Mapping”. These services are targeted to mill production staffs.

Condition Assessment Maintenance (CAM): To predict necessary maintenance actions and intervals for re-conditioning the Yankee. Diagnostic tools are „LMS - Laser Surface Mapping”. These services are targeted to mill maintenance staffs.

Condition Assessment Safety (CAS): To conduct necessary routine and non-routine vessel inspections according to TAPPI guidelines (technical association pulp & paper industry), local statutory and or insurance requirements. Diagnostic tools are standard NDT equipment. These services are targeted to mill safety engineers.

The ability to offer and to conduct the complete package „CAP + CAM + CAS” backed up using state of the art specialized diagnostic tools, together with many years of experience to recommend corrective actions, make this service unique.